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isa19 from 11 - 25 August 2019

isa19's general theme is „Just Play!?".

Tying up to "Music & Democracy" from isa18 we will continue to explore the relevance of art and music for society. How is the artists' function and mission seen by society? Furthermore, is there a dichotomy between "artistic work" and "playing the piano, the violin etc."? What is the essence of "playing“ when performing in music, theatre or film? What is the part of rules and what is the part of artistic freedom? How does the idea of playing go together with the concept of mastering? May there be a relationship between computer games and musical creativity? What are the differences between easy listening and „serious“ music?

These questions open on one hand a wide space in the artistic area, from the dominance of the text to improvisation, from strict playing arrangements to an aleatoric and even chaotic setup, from playing like a child to profound artistic message...

On the other hand isaScience will investigate the many aspects of the theme from the perspective of sociology, political and cultural studies to the (natural) sciences (quantum physics, complexity, coincidence, theory of games) and philosophy.

Johannes Meissl, artistic director